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Horror Express

Horror Express (1972)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Dr. Wells: What are you going to astound the scientific world with this time?
Professor Alexander Saxton: You'll read about it in the Society's annual report. A remarkable fossil.
Dr. Wells: Fossil? But you've got something live in there, I heard it.
Professor Alexander Saxton: You're mistaken!
Dr. Wells: You won't need to feed it then.
Professor Alexander Saxton: The occupant hasn't eaten in two million years.
Dr. Wells: That's one way to economize on food bills.
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Billy Budd

Billy Budd (1962)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Captain Vere: A man of war does not come to life until it's in action. Will we acquit ourselves well? Or badly? What kind of a weapon have we forged? And when the time comes, will I know how to use it? Claggert is a force for order, Mr. Seymour — a force for order I must have.
Lieutenant Seymour: Sir, if he should be opposed to Budd's promotion?
Captain Vere: You know Seymour, there are some men who cannot stand too much perfection. They see it as a … as a disease, thus which must be stamped out at it's first rash showing.
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The Core

The Core (2003)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook It's the simplest things that are the hardest, huh?
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