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Rebecca (1940)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Mrs. Danvers: You wouldn't think she'd been gone so long, would you? Sometimes, when I walk along the corridor, I fancy I hear her just behind me, that quick, light step. I couldn't mistake it anywhere, not only in this room, but in all the rooms in the house. I can almost hear it now. Do you think the dead come back and watch the living?
2nd Mrs. de Winter: I don't believe it.
Mrs. Danvers: Sometimes I wonder if she doesn't come back here to Manderley to watch you and Mr. de Winter together. You look tired. Why don't you stay here and rest, and listen to the sea? It's so soothing. Listen to it. Listen.
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The Descendants

The Descendants (2011)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Matt King: One more question for you.
Brian Speer: Yes?
Matt King: Ever been inside my bedroom?
Brian Speer: Once.
Matt King: You could have had the decency to lie about that one.
Brian Speer: Alright, twice.
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My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Kimmy: Right off, I have this monstrous favour to ask you.
Julianne: Excuse me?
Kimmy: My best friend Angelique shattered her pelvis line-dancing in Abeline over Spring Break. Be my maid of honour.
Julianne: What? Um, shouldn't you, uh, vote a bridesmaid, or, uh, someone you've known at least 45 minutes?
Kimmy: My bridemaids are my only two female relatives under the age of 40, debutante sisters from Nashville, who are basically vengeful sluts. Oh, my exit! [swerves car across road] So this means I have four days to make you my new best friend. It's time for you to force yourself to get personal!
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Easy Rider

Easy Rider (1969)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook You see, what happened here is these people got here late in the summer. Too late to plant. But the weather was beautiful and it was easy livin', and everything was fine. And then came that winter. There were forty or fifty of them here living in this one-room place down here. Nothing to eat - starvin'. Out by the side of the road lookin' for dead horses...Anything they could get ahold of. Now there's - there's eighteen or twenty of them left and they're city kids. Look at them. But they're getting this crop in. They're gonna stay here until it's harvested. That's the whole thing.
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Thank You for Smoking

Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [Inside the elevator at Entertainment Global Offices (EGO)]
Jack: Do you hear that?
Nick Naylor: [pause] No.
Jack: Exactly!
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