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Alex & Eve is a film of genre Drama released in USA on 13 october 2017 with Richard Brancatisano

Alex & Eve (2015)

Alex & Eve
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Released in USA 13 october 2017
Length 1h27
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating59% 2.9538652.9538652.9538652.9538652.953865

Alex & Eve is an Australian comedy drama film, directed by Peter Andrikidis and written by Alex Lykos based on his play of the same name. The movie is about dating in a multicultural landscape when school teacher, Greek Orthodox, Alex (Richard Brancatisano) falls in love with lawyer, Muslim Lebanese, Eve (Andrea Demetriades). Alex and Eve has been likened to a modern Romeo and Juliet and My Big Fat Greek Wedding but taken to the next level.


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Makoto Konno, who enjoys playing baseball, lives with her parents and younger sister Miyuki in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, Japan. Her aunt Kazuko Yoshiyama, is an art restorer at the Tokyo National Museum.