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Alex & Eve is a film of genre Drama released in USA on 13 october 2017 with Richard Brancatisano

Alex & Eve (2015)

Alex & Eve
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Released in USA 13 october 2017
Length 1h27
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating58% 2.9054752.9054752.9054752.9054752.905475

Alex & Eve is an Australian comedy drama film, directed by Peter Andrikidis and written by Alex Lykos based on his play of the same name. The movie is about dating in a multicultural landscape when school teacher, Greek Orthodox, Alex (Richard Brancatisano) falls in love with lawyer, Muslim Lebanese, Eve (Andrea Demetriades). Alex and Eve has been likened to a modern Romeo and Juliet and My Big Fat Greek Wedding but taken to the next level.


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