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An Adventure in Space and Time is a British film of genre Drama released in USA on 22 november 2013 with David Bradley

An Adventure in Space and Time (2013)

An Adventure in Space and Time
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Released in USA 22 november 2013
Length 1h23
Genres Drama
Rating82% 4.143634.143634.143634.143634.14363

An Adventure in Space and Time is a British television drama produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the science fiction series Doctor Who. It tells the story of the show's creation with emphasis on the actor William Hartnell who portrayed the First Doctor. It is written by the Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss. Details of the film were announced by the BBC on 9 August 2012, with the programme airing on BBC Two in the United Kingdom on 21 November 2013, on BBC America in the United States and Space in Canada on 22 November 2013, on UKTV in New Zealand on 22 November 2013 and on ABC1 in Australia on 24 November 2013. The TV programme was shown in a pre-screening at the British Film Institute's Southbank centre on 12 November 2013.

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In 1966, William Hartnell (David Bradley) is in his dressing room at the BBC. He insults a stagehand who calls him to the set, where the delay caused by his absence is noticed. Hartnell enters in costume, ready to film his last moments as the First Doctor and stands in front of the TARDIS console.


David Bradley

(William Hartnell)
Brian Cox

(Sydney Newman)
Reece Shearsmith

(Patrick Troughton)
Jamie Glover

(William Russell)
Jessica Raine

(Verity Lambert, original producer)
Trailer of An Adventure in Space and Time

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