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Death in a French Garden is a french film of genre Drama directed by Michel Deville released in USA on 13 february 1985 with Christophe Malavoy

Death in a French Garden (1985)

Death in a French Garden
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Released in USA 13 february 1985
Length 1h40
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Crime,    Romance
Rating70% 3.53693.53693.53693.53693.5369

Death in a French Garden (French: Péril en la demeure) is a 1985 French drama film directed by Michel Deville. It was entered into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival.


David Aurphet, a struggling guitar teacher is invited to give lessons to Viviane Tombsthay the daughter of a well-to-do couple. The wife, Julia, seduces him easily. They seem to be set on a standard affair when David gets a video with footage of their adultery. He confides in a friend Edwige who has a VCR and is a neighbour of the Tombsthays. At the same time, David is attacked but saved by the strange Daniel Forest. He admits to being a killer with Graham Thombsthay as a target. He warns David about Julia, giving him a gun. While her husband is away Julia invites David to their home. David arrives but finds Graham there wanting to kill him. David uses the gun. Julia warns David to hide and he seeks refuge with Edwige. She shows him a video that proves that Julia has killed Graham. David returns to the house where he finds Daniel, with a gun. David kills him, hides the body and leaves to look for Viviane with whom he will escape.


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