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Peterloo is a British film of genre Drama directed by Mike Leigh released in USA on 5 april 2019 with Rory Kinnear

Peterloo (2018)

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Released in USA 5 april 2019
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Historical
Rating65% 3.298343.298343.298343.298343.29834

Peterloo est un film britannique réalisé par Mike Leigh, qui sortira en 2018.


Rory Kinnear

(Henry Hunt)
Alastair Mackenzie

(John Byng (1er comte de Strafford))
Christopher Eccleston

(Charles W Ethelstone)
Maxine Peake

Tim McInnerny

(Prince Regent)
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The film begins with a day nearing end. Rachel, the daughter in the first family, is shown working in a nursing home. Phil, her father, is shown driving people around in his minicab. Penny, Rachel's mother, is shown working as a cashier at Safeway store alongside Maureen, the mother in the second family. When Penny leaves work, she cycles home to find her eighteen-year-old son Rory in a fight with a local boy for taking his football. Rory is a lazy, obese, ill-mannered teenager who stays home all day and doesn't work. Complications with Rory's obesity arise when after an altercation with a gang of youths playing "Piggy in the Middle", he ultimately runs out of breath, begins to hyperventilate and is hospitalised after suffering a heart attack.
Career Girls, 1h27
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