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Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen is a British film of genre Drama with Bill Paterson

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen (2009)

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen
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Length 1h
Genres Drama
Rating74% 3.721063.721063.721063.721063.72106

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen is a 2009 television drama. It deals with Dr James Niven's attempts to deal with the 1918 flu pandemic in Manchester. Its screenplay was written by Peter Harness and it starred Bill Paterson as Niven, along with Mark Gatiss, Kenneth Cranham and Charlotte Riley. It was first broadcast on BBC Four on 5 August 2009.


Bill Paterson

(Dr James Niven)
Mark Gatiss

(Ernest Dunks)
Kenneth Cranham

(MJ O'Loughlin)
Charlotte Riley

(Peggy Lytton)
Raffey Cassidy

Paul Freeman

(Sir Arthur Newsholme)
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