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Tarnation is a american film of genre Drama directed by Jonathan Caouette released in USA on 19 october 2003 with Jonathan Caouette

Tarnation (2003)

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Tarnation is a 2003 American documentary film by Jonathan Caouette. The film was created by Caouette from over 20 years of hundreds of hours of old Super 8 footage, VHS videotape, photographs, and answering machine messages to tell the story of his life and his relationship with his mentally ill mother Renee.

Tarnation was initially made for a total budget of $218.32, using free iMovie software on a Mac. As an early supporter, film critic Roger Ebert stated that $400,000 more was eventually spent by the distributor on sound, print, score and music/clip clearances to bring the film to theaters. The film went on to win the Best Documentary Award from the National Society of Film Critics, the Independent Spirits, the Gotham Awards, as well as the L.A. and London International Film Festivals.


Tarnation est l'autoportrait de Jonathan Caouette, 31 ans, qui dès l'âge de 11 ans décide de filmer la vie chaotique qu'il mène dans une famille texane, à Houston.


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