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The Fencer is a finlandais film of genre Drama directed by Klaus Härö released in USA on 21 july 2017 with Ursula Ratasepp

The Fencer (2015)


The Fencer
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Released in USA 21 july 2017
Length 1h38
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Historical
Rating71% 3.597533.597533.597533.597533.59753

The Fencer (Finnish: Miekkailija, Estonian: Vehkleja) is a 2015 internationally co-produced drama film based on the true story of Endel Nelis, an Estonian fencer and coach. It was directed by Klaus Härö and written by Anna Heinämaa. Filming began in Estonia in late February 2014. It was selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards.


A young man, Endel Nelis, arrives in Haapsalu, Estonia, in the early 1950’s, having left Leningrad to escape the secret police. He finds work as a teacher and founds a sports club for his students, where he starts teaching them his great passion – fencing. Disapproving, the school's principal starts investigating Endel’s background.


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