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Tulip Fever is a British film of genre Drama directed by Justin Chadwick released in USA on 25 august 2017 with Christoph Waltz

Tulip Fever (2017)

Tulip Fever
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Released in USA 25 august 2017
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Crime,    Romance
Rating79% 3.9600553.9600553.9600553.9600553.960055

Tulip Fever is a 2014 film directed by Justin Chadwick. It is based on a book by Deborah Moggach. Alison Owen of Ruby Films (in the UK) is producing along with The Weinstein Company.

In 2004, Jude Law was going to be the lead in the film. With director John Madden and also starrring Keira Knightley. But when the British government to changed its tax-break program, the production was closed down. The $20 million budget was scrapped.

In 2014, Alison Owen then combined forces with Harvey Weinstein to re-start the film.
Alicia Vikander was cast alongside Dane DeHaan. In February, Holliday Grainger joined the cast. In March, Jack O’Connell was cast in an unnamed role. In April, Cara Delevingne was cast as Henrietta. Dame Judi Dench joins Tulip Fever, playing the 'Abbess of St Ursula's', who takes in orphaned children. Matthew Morrison (Glee), Tom Hollander and Cressida Bonas (Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend), are also cast in the film.

Filming will take place in Rochester, Cobham, Norwich Cathedral, Tilbury, in Essex and Pinewood Studios on various dates throughout June and July in 2014.


A 17th century romance in which an artist falls for a married young woman while he's commissioned to paint her portrait. The two invest in the risky tulip market in hopes to build a future together.


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