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A Dark Truth is a canadien film of genre Thriller directed by Damian Lee released in USA on 29 november 2012 with Andy García

A Dark Truth (2012)

A Dark Truth
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Released in USA 29 november 2012
Length 1h46
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Action
Rating56% 2.800662.800662.800662.800662.80066

A Dark Truth (also known as The Truth) is a 2012 action thriller film directed and written by Damian Lee, and produced by Gary Howsam and Bill Marks. The film stars Andy García, Kim Coates, Deborah Kara Unger, Eva Longoria and Forest Whitaker. It premiered at the 2012 Boston Film Festival and was released theatrically in the United States on January 4, 2013.


The film begins with Francisco Francis (Forest Whitaker) running in the jungle with his family while soldiers are shooting and killing people around them. The scene changes to an office building where Tony Green (Steven Bauer) is speaking to Bruce (Kim Coates) in Clearbec corporate offices telling him that Francisco had broken into the local offices and stolen their files. As he converses with Bruce, he orders Renaldo (Devon Bostick), a young aide in his office, to hurry. Renaldo and Tony leave the local offices amid gunfire and chaos, but pause when a woman shouts at Renaldo. She is his mother; she is shot and killed by soldiers as Renaldo looks on. Tony shows his corporate ID to the soldiers and pulls Renaldo into his car. As they attempt to leave the city, they stop at a road block and watch soldiers gun down an unarmed man. Renaldo jumps out of the car and escapes the carnage.


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