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A Few with Courage is a Hondurien film of genre Thriller

A Few with Courage (2010)

A Few with Courage
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Genres Thriller

Unos Pocos con Valor (English: A Few with Courage) is a Honduran film based on the book Los Pájaros de Belén (English: The Birds of Bethlehem) by Mario Berrios, released in Honduras on August 20th 2010. Based on real life events, the story follows a group of special forces police officers who come up against the most dangerous gang in Honduras.

Directed by Costa Rican Douglas Martin, the film's executive producers were Ismael Bevilacqua and Marisol Santos alongside Associate Producer Kattia Dominguez. Sixteen foreigners were in charge of camera direction and special effects and it was shot on location in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Siguatepeque, La Lima and El Progreso, Yoro.

The whole post-production took place in Costa Rica, on the now closed post company called Dart, everything was done on Final Cut Pro and Later moved to an Avid DS for its mastering.

Something interesting on this process is that the post, including finishing the edit, color correction, sound design and mastering was done in a period of 5 days by a small post team (3 people).

The main Honduran cast consisted of 13 policemen, 13 criminals and eight women representing the wives of criminals, victims of abduction and secretaries, along with 21 supporting actors and four extras.
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