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A Room with a View is a British film of genre Drama directed by James Ivory released in USA on 7 march 1986 with Maggie Smith

A Room with a View (1986)

A Room With a View

A Room with a View
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Released in USA 7 march 1986
Length 1h57
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy-drama,    Romance
Rating72% 3.647913.647913.647913.647913.64791

A Room with a View is a British romance drama film directed by James Ivory and produced by Ismail Merchant of E. M. Forster's 1908 novel of the same name. The film follows closely the novel by use of the chapter titles to section the film into thematic segments. Set in England and Italy, it is about a young woman in the restrictive and repressed culture of Edwardian era England and her developing love for a free-spirited young man.


Miss Lucy Honeychurch is from an English village in Surrey and is on holiday in Italy with her much older cousin and chaperone, Charlotte Bartlett. Charlotte is conventionally English, with an extremely restrictive personality and tends to get her way by expressing her emotions to manipulate others. Lucy has been brought up in an upper-middle class but loving and easygoing household, and had fewer inhibitions, which creates a strong tension between herself and Charlotte. They are in contrast with the more free-thinking and free-spirited backdrop of Italy. At a small pensione Lucy meets such people as Reverend Beebe, the two Miss Alans, and the author Miss Eleanor Lavish, but most importantly, the nonconformist Mr. Emerson and his handsome, philosophical son, George, who becomes friends with Charlotte. These men, although also English, represent the forward-thinking ideals of the turn-of-the-century, seeking to leave behind the repression and caution that was the norm in Victorian times. At first, the Emersons seem strange and unfamiliar to Lucy and Charlotte. They seem sincere but unaware of finer upper class Victorian manners. Mr. Emerson offers to switch rooms with the women, who desire a room with a view. Charlotte is offended, believing him to be rude and tactless for what she perceives to be indebting them with his offer. As Lucy begins her journey to maturity, she finds herself drawn to George due to his mysterious thinking and readily expressed emotions.


Maggie Smith

(Charlotte Bartlett)
Helena Bonham Carter

(Lucy Honeychurch)
Denholm Elliott

(Mr. Emerson)
Julian Sands

(George Emerson)
Simon Callow

(The Reverend Mr. Beebe)
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