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A Summer in La Goulette is a tunisien film of genre Drama directed by Férid Boughedir with Gamil Ratib

A Summer in La Goulette (1996)

صيف حلق الوادي

A Summer in La Goulette
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Length 1h29
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Comedy-drama
Rating62% 3.1476153.1476153.1476153.1476153.147615

A Summer in La Goulette (French: Un été à La Goulette, Arabic: صيف حلق الوادي‎) is a 1996 film by Tunisian director Férid Boughedir.

It is a narrative of how intercommunal relations deteriorated in cosmopolitan La Goulette after the end of French rule, especially Muslim-Jewish relations affected by Six-Day War and the rising impact of Islam on the Tunisian society.

The film also features La Goulette native Claudia Cardinale as herself. The film was entered into the 46th Berlin International Film Festival.


Youssef (Mustapha Adouani) is a Muslim who works on the TGM and lives in La Goulette. His best friends are Jewish Jojo the brik seller and Sicilian Giuseppe the fisherman who are also his neighbours. Their daughters grow up together and share prospects for life but the landlord Hadj Beji (Gamil Ratib) has his eyes on Youssef's daughter Meriem (Sonia Mankaï).


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