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About Elly is a iranien film of genre Drama directed by Asghar Farhadi released in USA on 27 april 2009 with Golshifteh Farahani

About Elly (2009)

Darbāreye Elly

About Elly
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Released in USA 27 april 2009
Length 1h59
Directed by
Genres Drama
Rating78% 3.9477353.9477353.9477353.9477353.947735

About Elly (Persian: درباره الی‎‎, translit. Darbâreye Eli) is a 2009 Iranian psychological drama film directed by Asghar Farhadi. It is the fourth film by Farhadi. The film is about the relationships between some middle class families in Iran.

Farhadi won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival for the film. The film was also nominated for 10 awards at the 27th Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran where Farhadi won the Crystal Simorgh for best directing. About Elly was Iran's official submission for the competition in the Foreign Film section at the 82nd Academy Awards. It competed against films such as Bist, Tardid, and Bipooli for Iran's submission in the Academy Awards.


A group of middle-class Iranian friends travels to the shores of the Caspian Sea on a three-day vacation. They are former classmates at the law faculty of the university. There are three couples: Sepideh and her husband Amir, who have a young daughter; Shohreh and her husband Peyman, who have two young children, including a son, Arash; and Lastly, Nazy and her husband Manuchehr. The trip is planned by Sepideh, who brings along her daughter's kindergarten teacher, Elly, in order to introduce her to Ahmad, a divorced friend, visiting from Germany.


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