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About Scout is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 25 april 2015 with India Ennenga

About Scout (2015)

About Scout
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Released in USA 25 april 2015
Genres Drama,    Comedy-drama
Rating64% 3.245763.245763.245763.245763.24576

Scout is a 2015 American comedy drama film directed and written by Laurie Weltz. The film stars India Ennenga, James Frecheville, Nikki Reed, Danny Glover and Ellen Burstyn.

The filming began in the end October 2013 in Los Angeles. BrownBag Pictures and Decipher Entertainment are producing the film.


A 15 year old girl named Scout (India Ennenga), travels with a suicidal man Sam (James Frecheville), to find her young little sister Lulu (Onata Aprile) whilst avoiding Child Services.


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