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Adventures of Arsène Lupin is a espagnol film of genre Drama directed by Jean-Paul Salomé released in USA on 13 october 2004 with Romain Duris

Adventures of Arsène Lupin (2004)

Adventures of Arsène Lupin
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Released in USA 13 october 2004
Length 2h5
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Action,    Adventure,    Crime,    Romance
Rating53% 2.698212.698212.698212.698212.69821

Arsène Lupin is a 2004 French crime-adventure film, based on the iconic series of novels created by Maurice Leblanc, directed by Jean-Paul Salomé and stars Romain Duris, Eva Green and Kristin Scott Thomas. It was a co-production of France, Spain, Italy and The United Kingdom.


The film follows gentleman thief Arsène Lupin from a small boy, through the death of his father, and his later years when he meets the strange woman, Joséphine, who appears to be immortal and uses a hypnotic drug to enslave people to her will. Arsène's ethos is to steal from the rich and deserving crooks. In this film he comes up against two parties, a secret society and Joséphine, who are intent on gathering three crucifixes which will reveal the secret of a lost treasure.


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