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After Hours is a american film of genre Drama directed by Martin Scorsese released in USA on 13 september 1985 with Rosanna Arquette

After Hours (1985)

After Hours
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Released in USA 13 september 1985
Length 1h37
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Comedy
Rating76% 3.848783.848783.848783.848783.84878

After Hours is a 1985 American black comedy film directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Joseph Minion, and starring an ensemble cast, including Rosanna Arquette, Griffin Dunne, Linda Fiorentino, Teri Garr, and John Heard. Paul Hackett (Dunne) experiences a series of misadventures as he tries to make his way home from SoHo.

Warner Home Video have released the film on VHS in 1991 for both widescreen and pan-and-scan NTSC laserdiscs.


Paul Hackett, a word processor, meets Marcy Franklin in a local cafe in New York. They discuss their common interest in Henry Miller. Marcy leaves Paul her number and informs him that she lives with a sculptor named Kiki Bridges, who makes and sells plaster of Paris paperweights resembling cream cheese bagels. Later in the night, under the pretense of buying a paperweight, Paul visits Marcy, taking a cab to her apartment. On his way to visit Marcy, a $20 bill is blown out the window of the cab, leaving him with only some spare pocket change. The cab driver is furious that he cannot pay, thereby beginning the first in a long series of misadventures for Paul that turn hostile through no fault of his own. At the apartment Paul meets the sculptor Kiki and Marcy, and comes across a collection of photographs and medications which imply that Marcy is severely disfigured from burns on her legs and torso. As a result of this implication, and as a result of a strained conversation with Marcy, Paul abruptly slips out of the apartment.


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