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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is a american film of genre Comedy directed by Martin Scorsese released in USA on 16 december 2011 with Jason Lee

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (2011)

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
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Facebook Share this quote on facebook This is your captain speaking: all kids are now allowed to play on the adults only serenity deck!

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [To Brittany] I'll be sure to save you the pit! (chuckles; then smashes into tree) Oh, my acorns!

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Come on! Please! Help me save my dad!

David Seville

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [repeated line] ALVIN!

Facebook Share this quote on facebook If you guys disobey me one more time, you will be off the ship. And you'll miss the International Music Awards. Do you understand?


Facebook Share this quote on facebook Dave: When are you gonna stop acting like a child?
Alvin: When are you going to stop treating me like a child?
Dave: I'll stop treating you like a child when you start acting like a grownup.
Alvin: I'll start acting like a grownup when you start-
[The Chipettes enter, singing a parody of "Whip My Hair as the Chipmunks beatbox along.]
Dave: Girls, not now, please. Okay?

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [Alvin is providing commentary on Brittany's shuffleboarding move, much to her annoyance]
Alvin: Brittany approaches her puck... adjusts her stance... looks over at me quite annoyed... wonders to herself if I'm ever going to shut my mouth... realizes I'm not...and makes her move...
[Brittany misses]
Alvin: And... OH! Oh, it's short! [laughs] A costly error, ladies and gentlemen! That's going to haunt her the rest of her career!
Brittany: [laughs sarcastically] You can make all the jokes you want, Alvin, but not even you can make this interesting.

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Simon: Listen, lady. Maybe you should leave us alone, so we could focus more on surviving and less on killing ourselves.
Zoe: Oh... [chuckles] That is a lot of uptight in a very little package.
Simon: I'm not uptight! I just don't wanna see one else getting hur– [something bites him] OW!
[The thing that bit Simon turns out to be a spider]
Simon: Criminy. What was that?
Zoe: Oh, you know what? That was just a spider and they live here, because this is nature.
Simon: This is not just a spider! That's a "phoneutria bahiensis"; its bite contains a neurotoxin!
Alvin: Ooh, Mr. Fancy Words. So what?
Simon: Alvin, toxin: poison, neuro: brain?
Alvin: Oh, that's not good.
Simon: Uh, side effects include... changes in personality, loss of inhibition, dry mouth...
Zoe: Okay, calm down. I get bitten probably twice a day by these little fellas and I am still completely normal.
Alvin: [in disbelief] Yes, normal.
Simon: Oh, no...

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Jeanette: (when Simon/Simone confronts her and grabs her hand) W-what are you doing?
Simon/Simone: What I wanted to do the moment I laid my eyes all over on you. (starts dancing with Jeanette)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Theodore: Um, Eleanor, would you like to dance?
Eleanor: I'd love to.
Theodore: With me?
Eleanor: (throws her clutches) Yes, Theodore!

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Alvin: SIMON!!!
Brittany: Uh... Alvin, your starting to sound like Dave.
Alvin: [shocked] NOOOOOOO...!!!

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Brittany: Simon, where did you find the gold bracelet?
Simon: What gold bracelet?
Brittany: The one that you gave to Jeanette.
Simon: When did I gave Jeanette a bracelet?
Brittany: On your date.
Simon: [gasp] Jeanette and I are dating?!
Brittany: Okay, he's useless.

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Zoe: You're not coming back up until you have every last bit of that treasure!
Jeanette: B-B-B-But... the volcano is about to explode!
Zoe: Then I guess you better hurry then, huh?

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [As the Chipmunks and Chipettes perform at the International Music Awards]
Ian: It's good to be back, huh?
Dave: Sure is.
Ian: Sold Zoe's story to Hollywood. Huge bidding war. Keira Knightley's interested. Nothing can... bit a cent from me?

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [Last lines: Dave, the Chipmunks and the Chipettes are flying home; Dave tries to put the chipmunks' tiny suitcases in the overhead locker]
Flight Attendant: I'm sorry, sir. That's full. We're gonna have to gate check those.
Dave: [sighs] Are you gonna charge me $25 a bag?
Flight Attendant: Of course not, sir. It's $25 for the first bag, and $40 for each additional bag.
Jeanette: [shivering in her seat] I'm a little chilly, would you mind adjusting the vent?
Simon: But of course.
[Simon jumps up to adjust the vent, but pushes a book before Brittany aside while landing]
Brittany: Oh, you wrinkled my business magazine!
Simon: Heh, sorry.
Brittany: [pushes book aside revealing a magazine with herself on the cover] Guess I'll have to read this. Oh, she's pretty. Oh wait, that's me.
Dave: Alright, head count.
Theodore: [appears wearing a monster costume made out of a bag] BOO! [roars until Dave removes the bag] You like my jungle monster costume? Eleanor made it for me.
Eleanor: Yeah! Out of the barf bag!
Dave: Yeah, nice. [tosses bag aside and does a head count] Where's Alvin?
Alvin: [over intercom] Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking: we're cleared for an untimed departure for Timbuktu. If Timbuktu is not for you, please alert the flight attendant by pressing your call button.
[The passengers do so]
Dave: Alvin...
Alvin: [frantically] Thank you for choosing Air Alvin, uh...enjoy your flight!
Flight Attendant: Sir, please return to your seat, we're about to take off.
[Alvin jumps off the food cart, accidentally pressing the release lever]
Flight Attendant: Sit, now!
Alvin: Uh-oh.
Dave: But he–
Flight Attendant: Sit!
[The cart rolls down the aisle]
Dave: No, no, no! [The cart crashes into him] ALVIN!! [Alvin smiles nervously; the plane takes off]


Facebook Share this quote on facebook This holiday, it's gonna get squeaky.

Facebook Share this quote on facebook They're gonna rock the boat!