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American Visa is a film of genre Drama with Demián Bichir

American Visa (2005)

American Visa
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Genres Drama,    Crime,    Romance
Rating60% 3.0469253.0469253.0469253.0469253.046925

Ms Muna has an American Visa is a 2005 Bolivia/Mexico-produced film by Bolivian writer and director Juan Carlos Valdivia. The film is set in La Paz, Bolivia, and features many exterior shots of the city and surrounding countryside.


Mario is a retired English teacher from the Bolivian countryside. Leaving his career, his home, his town and his past, he sets out to follow his dream of seeing the United States. Mario hopes to become a part of the American dream; America to him is opportunity, and stability, a place to escape from his old life and reunite with his now adult son.


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