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Aunt Hilda! is a film of genre Comedy directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd with Sabine Azéma

Aunt Hilda! (2014)

Aunt Hilda!
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Length 1h29
Genres Comedy,    Animation
Rating62% 3.1471853.1471853.1471853.1471853.147185

Aunt Hilda! or Tante Hilda is an animated French film directed by Benoît Chieux and Jacques-Rémy Girerd.


The film is set in Beaumont-les-Vignes, a fictional town in south-eastern France in the near future. Two sisters, Hilda and aunt Dolores, followed diametrically opposite course. Hilda, a young redhead at the lanky silhouette, environmentalist fiercely: it moves a bicycle, is always concerned about the preservation of the environment and gathered a plant museum where she keeps all kinds of plants. Dolores, she became the ruthless CEO of a multinational company in the food seeking profits in the short term. Thanks to the GMO technology that involves genetically modifying plants, Dolores has developed a new cereal called Attilem, a kind of giant artichoke with tentacles. This new product, able to grow with very little water and no fertilizer, which should bring him astronomical profits. She says even he could solve the problem of hunger in the world and replace oil as a new source of energy. But soon the Attilem plants begin to grow too fast, out of control, and invade the world. Dolores is then design a pesticide it proposes to sell to governments to fight against the disaster that it has itself provoked. Aunt Hilda does not hear it that way and began to save the world, but the game is not won.


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Rating63% 3.1902253.1902253.1902253.1902253.190225
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