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Bell, Book and Candle is a american film of genre Science fiction directed by Richard Quiney released in USA on 25 december 1958 with James Stewart

Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

Bell, Book and Candle
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Released in USA 25 december 1958
Length 1h46
Directed by
Genres Science fiction,    Fantastic,    Comedy,    Romantic comedy,    Fantasy,    Romance
Rating68% 3.4472053.4472053.4472053.4472053.447205

Bell, Book and Candle is a 1958 American romantic comedy Technicolor film directed by Richard Quine, based on the successful Broadway play by John Van Druten and adapted by Daniel Taradash. It stars Kim Novak as a witch who casts a spell on her neighbor played by James Stewart. Rounding out the supporting cast are Jack Lemmon, Ernie Kovacs, Hermione Gingold and Elsa Lanchester. The film is considered Stewart's last as a romantic lead.


During the Christmas holiday season, Greenwich Village witch Gillian Holroyd (Kim Novak), a free spirit with a penchant for going barefoot, has been unlucky in love and restless in life. She admires from afar her neighbor, publisher Shep Henderson (James Stewart), who one day walks into her gallery of African art to use the telephone (after Gillian's aunt Elsa Lanchester put a spell on his phone). When she learns he is about to marry an old college enemy of hers, Merle Kittridge (Janice Rule), Gillian takes revenge by casting a love spell on Shep, and she eventually falls for him herself. She must make a choice, as witches who fall in love lose their supernatural powers. When she decides to love Shep, Gillian's cat and familiar, Pyewacket, becomes agitated and leaves.


James Stewart

(Shep Henderson)
Kim Novak

(Gil Holroyd)
Jack Lemmon

(Nicky Holroyd)
Janice Rule

(Merle Kittridge)
Elsa Lanchester

(Aunt Queenie Holroyd)
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