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Big Red is a american film of genre Drama directed by Norman Tokar released in USA on 6 june 1962 with Walter Pidgeon

Big Red (1962)

Big Red
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Released in USA 6 june 1962
Length 1h29
Directed by ,    ,    
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Action,    Adventure
Rating64% 3.244433.244433.244433.244433.24443

Big Red is a 1962 American family-oriented adventure film from Walt Disney Productions. Based on a 1945 novel by American author Jim Kjelgaard and adapted to the screen by American screenwriter Louis Pelletier, the film starred Walter Pidgeon.

Filmed in the province of Quebec, "Big Red" is an Irish Setter that would rather run through the woods than be the perfectly trained and groomed show dog his sportsman owner (Pidgeon) wants. A ten-year-old orphan boy (Payant) helps look after the dog and rebels against his owner's strict discipline of "Big Red."


Au Québec, Rex est un setter irlandais qui préférerait passer sa vie en courant dans les bois qu'être le chien de concours parfaitement dressé et préparé que son propriétaire Mr Haggin souhaite. Un jeune garçon orphelin de dix ans, René est pris en charge par Emile et Thérèse, le couple d'intendants d'Haggin. René s'occupe du chien et se rebelle contre la discipline stricte du propriétaire.


Walter Pidgeon

(James Haggin)
Émile Genest

(Emile Fornet)
Janette Bertrand

(Therese Fornet)
Rolland Bédard

Georges Bouvier

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