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Bloodsucking Bastards is a american film of genre Comedy released in USA on 4 september 2015 with Fran Kranz

Bloodsucking Bastards (2015)

Bloodsucking Bastards
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Released in USA 4 september 2015
Length 1h26
Genres Comedy,    Horror comedy,    Horror
Rating56% 2.8482552.8482552.8482552.8482552.848255

Bloodsucking Bastards is a 2015 American comedy horror film directed by Brian James O'Connell, written by Ryan Mitts and Dr. God, O'Connell's comedy group. The film stars Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal, Emma Fitzpatrick, and Joey Kern. The film is scheduled to be released on September 4, 2015, in a limited release and through video on demand by Scream Factory.


Evan (Fran Kranz), his girlfriend Amanda (Emma Fitzpatrick) and his best friend Tim (Joey Kern) all work for the same company. Things go from depressing to deadly when it becomes apparent that the company's management are more than figuratively "soulless;" they are vampires.


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