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Boychoir is a american film of genre Drama directed by François Girard released in france in DVD on 16 september 2015 with Dustin Hoffman

Boychoir (2014)

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Release in DVD in france 16 september 2015
Length 1h43
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Musical
Rating79% 3.9995553.9995553.9995553.9995553.999555

Boychoir is a 2014 American drama film directed by François Girard and written by Ben Ripley. The film stars Dustin Hoffman, Kathy Bates, Debra Winger, Josh Lucas, and the American Boychoir School.


Stet is a troubled and angry 12-year-old from the wrong side of the tracks. His single mother dies, after which his father brings him to an elite music academy, the fictitious National Boychoir Academy, which is a boarding school, because Stet can sing well, and because the father has a new wife and two daughters, and keeps it secret to them that he has a son from another woman. Stet is admitted due to his talent but also the generous amount of money the father pays them.


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