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Bulbul Maina is a film directed by Fazly Khabeer with Indrajith Sukumaran

Bulbul Maina

Bulbul Maina
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Length 2h10
Directed by

Bulbul Maina is a 2011 Malayalam-language Indian film directed by debutant Fazly Khabeer, starring Indrajith and Rima Kallingal


Bulbul Maina is the story of Srikanth Mussolini, played by Indrajith, his life, love and the relationship with Reema Kallingal, the heroine.


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Anoop Chandran (Indrajith), is a famous writer and award winner. Prone to seeing future events that turn out to be real, one day Anoop sees his own death in a trance. He decides to write one final novel before death comes visiting. Anoop has a wife Meena(Sarayu), who never understands the writer in him. At the same time, Anoop is in love with dancer Gatha (Mamta Mohandas), with whom he shares a live-in relationship. Anoop always tells Gatha about his lost love Sathyabhama (Dhanya Mary Varghese), who was his lover in college. Excited about hearing Sathyabhama aka Bhama, Gatha wants to locate Bhama and goes to Anoop's tharavadu (ancestral house) with him. From there they go to Bhama's birthplace Vattakkulam to find Bhama. That place incidentally was the birthplace of Gatha's parents also. They returned, unsuccessful in finding Bhama. Gatha went to Kolkata for her dance performances while Anoop returned to Kerala. Three months later, Gatha got a call from Anoop. Gatha was shocked to hear that actually there was no girl as Bhama but was only an imaginary character created by Anoop for his final novel. Anoop was actually developing Bhama's story through Gatha. Anoop finally told Gatha that he sent the novel to Gatha and Gatha has the right to give it a title and publish and added that he is about to reach the end of his life, which he realised some time back. In the final scene, we see Anoop heading to some remote destination in the snow-clad mountains, to embrace his death.