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C.O.G. is a american film of genre Drama directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez released in USA on 20 september 2013 with Jonathan Groff

C.O.G. (2013)

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Released in USA 20 september 2013
Length 1h28
Genres Drama,    Comedy
Rating56% 2.800572.800572.800572.800572.80057

C.O.G. is an American drama film directed and written by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, and starring Jonathan Groff. The film is based on a David Sedaris short story from his book of collected essays, Naked. It marks the first time one of Sedaris' stories has been adapted for film. It co-stars Denis O'Hare, Casey Wilson, Dean Stockwell, Troian Bellisario, and Corey Stoll.


Based on David Sedaris' autobiographical short story, C.O.G. (which stands for Child of God) follows Samuel (Jonathan Groff), who attempts to immerse himself in "the real world," and go "off the grid" following his graduation from Yale to work at an apple farm under an alias. Out of his element and failing to fit in amongst the town's migrant workers and deeply religious locals, Samuel begins a journey that will take him deep into unfamiliar, awkward, and sometimes humorous territory as he encounters would-be benefactors and friends alike.


Jonathan Groff

(Samuel, the character is loosely based on David Sedaris as a young man when he traveled to Oregon and took on the occupation of an apple picker.)
Denis O'Hare

Casey Wilson

Dean Stockwell

Dale Dickey

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