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California is a film of genre Western directed by Michele Lupo with Giuliano Gemma

California (1977)

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Directed by
Genres Western
Rating66% 3.332793.332793.332793.332793.33279

California is a 1977 Italian spaghetti western film directed by Michele Lupo. The film was generally well received by critics and obtained a good commercial success at Italian box office.


After the American Civil War gunman California wants to renew his life. He changes his name to Michael Random and seeks a home where he can live in peace. In the war's aftermath he gets to know young Willy Preston. On route to Preston's family, Willy is killed by a gang of criminals under the helm of Robert Whittaker. California informs Willy's kin and falls in love with Willy's sister, Helen. One day they witness Whittaker and his gang robbing a bank; Helen is taken hostage. California is faced with the decision to resort to the merciless shootist he was during the war although it will not spare Helen the gruesome experience of being game to ruthless desperados.


Giuliano Gemma

(Michael 'California' Random)
William Berger

(Mr. Preston)
Raimund Harmstorf

(Rope Whitaker)
Miguel Bosé

(Willy Preston)
Dana Ghia

(Mrs. Preston)
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