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Cannibal Girls is a canadien film of genre Comedy directed by Ivan Reitman released in USA on 1 april 1973 with Eugene Levy

Cannibal Girls (1973)

Cannibal Girls
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Released in USA 1 april 1973
Length 1h24
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Horror comedy,    Horror
Rating46% 2.3122252.3122252.3122252.3122252.312225

Cannibal Girls is a low budget 1973 Canadian independent comedy horror film directed by Ivan Reitman and stars Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, and Ronald Ulrich.


It is about three young women being led by a Reverend who preaches cannibalism. The story gives off an urban legend feel, and was made as a spoof of traditional horror films. This cult film is known for the 'warning bell' gimmick, which rang in theatres to warn the more squeamish members of the audience for impending gory scenes.


Eugene Levy

(Clifford Sturges)
Andrea Martin

(Gloria Wellaby)
Earl Pomerantz

(Third Victim)
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