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Chalk n Duster is a film of genre Drama with Juhi Chawla

Chalk n Duster (2016)

Chalk n Duster
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Genres Drama
Rating64% 3.247783.247783.247783.247783.24778

Chalk n duster (film) is an upcoming Bollywood movie. This film is all about teacher and student's communication. It highlights the problem of teachers and students where teaching way in the education system is changing day by day.

Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Girish Kannad and Divya Dutta playing the lead roles. The first look of the movie is revealed on 11 June 2015. Movie is directed by Jayant Gilatar, written by Ranjeev verma & neetu verma and produced by Amin Surani & co-produce by subhash singh. Movie Initial release date is September 5, 2015


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Vishwam (Naseeruddin Shah) is the youngest brother of the powerful and influential village Zamindar (Amrish Puri). The Zamindar will not hesitate to do anything for the welfare and protection of his family, which also includes bending the law to his own advantage. The shy and quiet Vishwam is married to Rukmani (Smita Patil) and, unlike his brothers, does not indulge in alcohol or women, nor does he have any bad habits. Then the village gets a new schoolmaster (Girish Karnad), who has a wife, Sushila (Shabana Azmi). When Vishwam sees her for the first time, he is unable to take his eyes off her, and unable to get her out of his mind. Sushila does not reciprocate his attentions. Then one night, while the schoolmaster is enjoying a quiet dinner with his family, the bell rings and the two older brothers of Vishwam grab Sushila and take her forcibly when she goes to answer the door. Several people are present, but no one dares to raise a hand nor even a voice to stop this abduction. The distraught schoolteacher, who is denied justice by everyone from the local police officer to the district collector, is helped by the old priest (Satyadev Dubey) and finally they succeed in mobilizing the villagers and they slaughter their oppressors. In the end the frenzied villagers also kill the innocent Rukmani as well as Sushila whom her husband tried to rescue with the help of the rebellious villagers.
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Swami (1977)

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The film tells the story of three individuals, Harphool Singh Mandola a.k.a. Harry (Pankaj Kapur), his daughter, Bijlee Mandola (Anushka Sharma) and Hukum Singh Matru (Imran Khan) known in short as 'Matru'. Harry is a wealthy, cynical businessman who dreams of turning the Mandola village (named after his family) into a shining example of his success and a microcosm of a fledgeling economy in itself. But this dream can only be realised if the villagers agree to sell their land to the government at unfairly low rates in order for the land to be converted into a Special Economic Zone.
Des Hoyaa Pardes, 2h43
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In 1984 the former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, and since then the Sikhs have been a target of violent backlashes by radicals and the Punjab Police. During 1985 Gursharan Singh Soman lived a peaceful life as a farmer in rural Punjab, along with his elderly parents, Gurdev and Tejpal, and an unmarried sister, Guddi. Gursharan meets with and gets engaged to the Station House Officer's only daughter, Jassi Sandhu. Shortly thereafter her father is killed in a drive-by shooting, and a new Officer, Randhawa, takes over from him. Far from being ethical and honest, he is only concerned with fulfilling a quota of deaths of so-called terrorists by fake police encounters. Jassi and Gursharan get married as Jassi has no other relatives. When the police find a duffel bag of automatic weapons in Soman's house, they immediately arrest Gursharan and beat him up severely, even though he claims his innocence, alleging that real terrorists had forced themselves upon the family at gun-point. When a deputation from the town asks Randhawa to set him free, he does so, and the Soman family settle down. Guddi is soon to get married to a young man who loves her. Then in July, 1987, Sikh terrorists gun down a bus full of non-Sikhs, setting off a shock wave in the entire country. Punjab Police are instructed to maintain order, even if it means to do away with law. A large number of Sikhs are hunted down and killed in fake police encounters, scores are arrested and tortured. Gursharan is arrested again and severely beaten up in police custody. When Guddi goes to plead with Randhawa to release him, she too is imprisoned and beaten by a burly policewoman. Gursharan's American-based friend, Darshan Singh Gill, comes to their rescue and arranges for Gursharan to visit the U.S.A. on a travel visa as a hockey player. Once in America, Gursharan applies for political asylum, and is granted one, which also permits him to sponsor Jassi, and his new-born son to America. After Jassi's arrival, Gursharan gets a job in a corner store, while Jassi works as a Gas Attendant. It is then Gursharan gets the news that his father has suffered a heart-attack and may not live long. Gursharan is ready to leave for India to be near his family in this crucial hour, but his leaving America may well revoke his political asylum, and even if he does leave America and arrives in India, there is more than a bullet from the Punjab Police awaiting him.
Sukhmani (2010)
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Sukhmani- Hope For Life is a story based on the Journey of Major Kuldeep Singh, played by Gurdas Maan, a decorated officer of the Para Battalion, who overcomes personal trauma and social indignity to uphold the morals of the army and the honour of a woman rejected by society and family, while keeping alive the memory of his beloved daughter Sukhmani.
Joggers Park, 2h13
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The film opens at a Rotary Club function to honour the recently retired Justice Jyotin Chatterjee. The judge has served the profession all his life with honour and spotless integrity. As he is about to retire, he recognises there will now be a void in his life. His wife remarks to reporters that neither he nor she knows what he would do after he retires.
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Rating75% 3.770743.770743.770743.770743.77074
The film traces the origins of the movement through its fictionalised narrative, based around rural empowerment, when a young veterinary surgeon, played by Girish Karnad, a character based on then, National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) chief, the 33-year-old Verghese Kurien, who joined hands with local social worker, Tribhovandas Patel, which led to the setting up a local milk cooperative, in Anand, Gujarat.