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Child's Play is a american film of genre Thriller directed by Tom Holland released in USA on 8 november 1988 with Catherine Hicks

Child's Play (1988)

Child's Play
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Released in USA 8 november 1988
Length 1h27
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Fantastic,    Horror,    Crime,    Slasher
Rating65% 3.298993.298993.298993.298993.29899

Child's Play is a 1988 American supernatural slasher horror film directed by Tom Holland, written by Tom Holland, Don Mancini, and John Lafia, and starring Catherine Hicks, Dinah Manoff, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, and Brad Dourif. The film tells about a single widowed mother giving a Good Guy for her son's birthday, unaware that the doll is possessed by a serial killer's soul.

The film was released on November 9, 1988 to positive reviews and became a moderate success. It has since developed a cult following among fans of the horror genre. The film is the first in the Chucky franchise, and is the first movie to feature the killer doll Chucky. It was the only film in the series released by MGM/UA, as the rights to the series were sold to Universal Studios in 1990, right before production on Child's Play 2 started.


Charles Lee Ray also nicknamed 'Chucky' and the 'Lakeshore Strangler' is a wanted fugitive and is on the run from the police in the streets of Chicago in November 1988. After he is fatally shot by Detective Mike Norris, Charles via a voodoo ritual transfers his soul into a 'Good-Guy' doll which destroys the store in an attempt to cheat death. Mike who survives the explosion finds Charles's body thinking he killed him.


Catherine Hicks

(Karen Barclay)
Chris Sarandon

(Mike Norris)
Alex Vincent

(Andy Barclay)
Brad Dourif

(Chucky (voice) / Charles Lee Ray)
Dinah Manoff

(Maggie Peterson)
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Child's Play


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