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Christmas Cottage is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 1 january 2008 with Jared Padalecki

Christmas Cottage (2008)

Christmas Cottage
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Released in USA 1 january 2008
Length 1h36
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating64% 3.2494053.2494053.2494053.2494053.249405

Thomas Kinkade's Home for Christmas, also known as Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage, is a 2008 Christmas biopic directed by Michael Campus. It stars Jared Padalecki as painter Thomas Kinkade and features Peter O'Toole, Marcia Gay Harden, and Aaron Ashmore.

The film was originally intended for a theatrical release in December 2007 release, but due to final edits and music rights, it was delayed until November 2008.


Un étudiant revient dans son village et découvre que sa mère est couverte de dettes. Pour la sauver, il accepte de peindre une gigantesque fresque représentant le village et ses habitants.


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