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Class Enemy is a slovenien film of genre Drama

Class Enemy (2013)

Razredni sovražnik

Class Enemy
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Length 1h52
Genres Drama
Rating75% 3.78643.78643.78643.78643.7864

Class Enemy (Slovene: Razredni sovražnik) is a 2013 Slovenian drama film directed by Rok Biček. The film was selected as the Slovenian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated. It was nominated for the 2014 Lux Prize. At the 70th Venice International Film Festival, it won the Best Film award, as a part of the International Film Critics' Week.


Dans un lycée Lambda en Slovénie, un professeur remplaçant d'allemand, se retrouve confronté à toute sa classe à la suite du suicide d'une élève. Les élèves se liguent et se révoltent contre le professeur et ses méthodes strictes.

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