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Clementine is a film of genre Drama released in USA on 14 december 2004 with Steven Seagal

Clementine (2004)

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Released in USA 14 december 2004
Length 1h30
Genres Drama,    Thriller,    Action
Rating31% 1.5744851.5744851.5744851.5744851.574485

Clementine (Hangul: 클레멘타인) is a 2004 action-drama film directed by Kim De-yeong. In this film, the actor Steven Seagal plays a 10-minute role as "cage fight champion" Jack Miller. The film is about Kim, a taekwondo champion who decides to give up his fighting career for good in order to take care of his daughter Sa Rang. But when an evil gambling kingpin kidnaps Sa Rang, Kim must agree to fight in a rigged boxing match in exchange for Sa Rang's freedom.


Champion incontesté de taekwondo, Kim est déchu de son titre lors d'un match truqué. Parallèlement, son épouse meurt après avoir mis au monde leur fille, Sa Rang. Après avoir raccroché les gants, Kim s'engage dans la police afin de s'occuper de sa fille. Mais à cause de ses méthodes violentes, Kim est renvoyé. Le cauchemar continue lorsque Sa Rang est kidnappée par un caïd de la pègre qui oblige Kim à affronter Jack Miller, alias "King of Cage", un combattant invaincu, adepte des combats clandestins.


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