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Cool, Calm and Collected is a french film of genre Comedy directed by Bertrand Blier released in USA on 23 september 1977 with Jean-Pierre Marielle

Cool, Calm and Collected (1976)


Cool, Calm and Collected
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Released in USA 23 september 1977
Length 1h47
Directed by ,    
Genres Comedy
Rating66% 3.3414653.3414653.3414653.3414653.341465

Calmos is a 1976 French film directed by Bertrand Blier.


Two men, fortyish, worn out by their wives, abandon everything to go and live in the back of beyond. There they meet a truculent priest, a boozer, Émile (Bernard Blier) who recalls them to life's simple pleasures. Calm is what they want. But soon their example inspires thousands of disorientated males, fleeing the feminist 1970s. Soon, too, there arrives a squadron of nymphomaniac Amazons.


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