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Damnation is a hongrois film of genre Drama directed by Béla Tarr with György Cserhalmi

Damnation (1988)


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Length 1h56
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Musical,    Crime,    Romance
Rating77% 3.8969753.8969753.8969753.8969753.896975

Damnation (Hungarian: Kárhozat) is a black-and-white 1988 Hungarian film directed by Béla Tarr. The screenplay was co-written by Tarr's frequent collaborator, László Krasznahorkai.

The movie is a favourite of many, including Susan Sontag.


Damnation tells the story of Karrer (Miklós B. Székely), a depressed man in love with a married torch singer (Vali Kerekes) from a local bar, the Titanik. The singer broke off their affair, because she dreams of becoming famous. Karrer is offered smuggling work by Willarsky (Gyula Pauer), the bartender at the Titanik. Karrer offers the job to the singer's husband, Sebestyén (György Cserhalmi). This gets him out of the way, but things don't go as Karrer plans. Betrayals follow. Karrer despairs.


György Cserhalmi

Hédi Temessy

(Cloakroom Attendant)
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