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David's Mother is a american film of genre Drama released in USA on 10 april 1994 with Kirstie Alley

David's Mother (1994)

David's Mother
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Released in USA 10 april 1994
Length 1h32
Genres Drama
Rating62% 3.101413.101413.101413.101413.10141

David's Mother is a 1994 American television film directed by Robert Allan Ackerman and stars Kirstie Alley as a devoted mother trying to cope with her autistic teenage son David (Michael Goorjian). The film aired on CBS on April 10, 1994, it has also aired internationally. In the UK it can often be seen on television movie channels True Movies 1 and True Movies 2. It has also been released in home entertainment formats in countries including the United States, UK and Australia.

The film has received several awards and nominations. Kirstie Alley and Michael Goorjian both received Emmy Awards for their roles in the film, Alley was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award.


Sally Goodson has always tried to do what is best for her autistic son David, always blaming herself for the way David is. Sally lives alone with David in a New York apartment and is often visited by her sister Bea (Stockard Channing), who tries to help Sally turn her life around by getting out a little more and giving David some space, but Sally rarely lets him out of her sight. In the end, it caused her husband Philip (Chris Sarandon) to have an affair, leave her and re-marry, and her daughter Susan to go to live with him, as they were tired of watching Sally being too over-protective with David.


Kirstie Alley

(Sally Goodson)
Sam Waterston

(John Nils)
Stockard Channing

Michael A. Goorjian

(David Goodson)
Chris Sarandon

Phylicia Rashād

(Gladys Johnson)
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