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Devil Fish is a italien film of genre Science fiction directed by Lamberto Bava released in USA on 14 november 1986 with Michael Sopkiw

Devil Fish (1984)

Shark - Rosso nell'oceano

Devil Fish
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Monster Shark (French: Le Monstre de l'océan rouge, Italian: Shark - Rosso nell'oceano; also known as Shark: Red on the Ocean, Devouring Waves and Devil Fish)
is a 1984 Italian-French natural horror film, and one of several environmental disaster films to emerge following the success of the 1975 film Jaws, including films such as: Great White, Orca, Piranha, Killer Fish and Tintorera.


The film takes place along a stretch of coastline somewhere in Florida in the United States, where a local tourist spot has become plagued by a mysterious marine creature. Little do they know, the monster is the product of a secret military experiment — a genetic hybrid mutated from a common octopus and the prehistoric super-predator Dunkleosteus. Unfortunately, the creature has broken loose, and is now feeding on swimmers and tourists swimming or sailing along the coast. Also, the monster is only an infant, and will continue to grow if it is left to hunt much longer.


Michael Sopkiw

Gianni Garko

(Sheriff Gordon)
Valentine Monnier

(Dr. Stella Dickens)
William Berger

(Professor Donald West)
Cinzia De Ponti

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