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Doughboys is a american film of genre War directed by Edward Sedgwick released in USA on 30 august 1930 with Buster Keaton

Doughboys (1930)

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Released in USA 30 august 1930
Length 1h19
Directed by
Genres War,    Comedy
Rating58% 2.90472.90472.90472.90472.9047

Doughboys is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film starring Buster Keaton. It was Keaton's second starring talkie vehicle.


Elmer (Keaton), a member of the idle rich, is smitten by working girl Mary (Sally Eilers), who will have nothing to do with him. When Elmer's chauffeur gets caught up in an army recruitment drive and quits, Elmer goes to an employment agency to find a new driver and accidentally enlists in the army. Elmer learns that Mary is on the base to entertain the troops and learns that his drill sergeant, Brophy (Edward Brophy), is also interested in Mary.


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Rating56% 2.8052852.8052852.8052852.8052852.805285
When small-town girl Elvira Plunkett (Anita Page) wins a contest that sends her to Hollywood for a screen test at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), she is accompanied by her overbearing mother (Trixie Friganza) and Elmer J. Butts (Buster Keaton), a gas-station attendant who goes along as Elvira's manager. Elmer is secretly in love with Elvira, but on the train they meet MGM contract actor Larry Mitchell (Robert Montgomery), who falls for her as well, and has the connections to make her a star.