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Egon Schiele: Excess and Punishment is a Allemand film of genre Drama directed by Herbert Vesely released in USA on 6 june 1981 with Mathieu Carrière

Egon Schiele: Excess and Punishment (1981)

Egon Schiele - Exzesse

Egon Schiele: Excess and Punishment
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Released in USA 6 june 1981
Length 1h30
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Biography,    Historical
Themes Peinture
Rating61% 3.052863.052863.052863.052863.05286

Egon Schiele – Exzess und Bestrafung, also known as Egon Schiele – Excess and Punishment (English) and Egon Schiele, enfer et passion (French) is a 1980 film based on the life of the Austrian artist Egon Schiele. It stars Mathieu Carriere as Schiele with Jane Birkin as his artist muse Walburga (Wally) Neuzil and Christine Kaufmann as his wife Edith and Kristina van Eyck as her sister. The film is essentially a depiction of obsession and its constituents of sex, alcohol and uncontrolled emotions. Set in Austria during the Great War, Schiele is depicted as the agent of social change leading to destruction of those he loves and ultimately of himself.

The film is an international co-production with actors of German, French, Dutch and English origin. It was directed by Herbert Vesely and produced by Dieter Geissler and Robert Hess. The cinematography is by Rudolf Blahacek and the haunting music is by Brian Eno. The film was selected as the Austrian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 53rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.


The final years of the short life of Egon Schiele, the Austrian expressionist painter are chronicled against the backdrop of the final years of the Habsburg rule. The story begins around 1912 as Schiele (Mathieu Carriere) and his mistress and artistic muse Wally (Jane Birkin) are befriended by an obsessed teenage girl (Karina Fallenstein) who has run away to be with Schiele. Subsequently Schiele is imprisoned on the grounds that he has behaved in a sexually improper way towards the young woman. The young woman falsely accuses Schiele and although he denies the charge he is imprisoned. The girl withdraws her accusations but Schiele is requested to leave the area as he has offended the social mores of the conservative society in which he was living. Those offended include his mother (Angelika Hauff) who rails against his lax morals.


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