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Eighteen Springs is a film of genre Drama directed by Ann Hui released in france in DVD on 27 may 2021 with Leon Lai

Eighteen Springs (1997)

Eighteen Springs
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Release in DVD in france 27 may 2021
Length 2h6
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating67% 3.392293.392293.392293.392293.39229

Eighteen Springs () is a 1997 romantic drama directed by Ann Hui and starring Jacklyn Wu, Leon Lai, Anita Mui, Huang Lei and Ge You. It is a China-Hong Kong co-production, based on the novel of the same name by Eileen Chang.

The film depicts the ill-fated romance between two Chinese lovers in Shanghai and Nanjing during the 1930s and 1940s, which destined them to be apart for more than a decade. The film marked the second time Hui directed an Eileen Chang adaptation (the first was 1984’s Love in a Fallen City).


Gu Manzhen (Jacklyn Wu) is an educated girl, working in a Shanghai factory as a clerical assistant. Her elder sister Manlu (Anita Mui), who works as a nightclub hostess, supports her family. At the factory Manzhen meets two male former classmates, Xu Shuhui (Huang Lei) and Shen Shijun (Leon Lai), and the three become firm friends. Manzhen falls in love with the introverted Shijun, who hails from a wealthy family in Nanjing and is working in Shanghai because he does not want to inherit his father’s merchandising business.


Leon Lai

(Shen Shujun)
Anita Mui

(Gu Manlu)
Annie Wu Chen Chun

(Shi Cuizhi)
Wang Zhiwen

(Zhang Yujin)
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