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Empire Falls (TV miniseries) is a american film of genre Drama directed by Fred Schepisi released in USA on 28 may 2005 with Ed Harris

Empire Falls (TV miniseries) (2005)

Empire Falls (TV miniseries)
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Released in USA 28 may 2005
Length 4h
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating75% 3.7525353.7525353.7525353.7525353.752535

Empire Falls is a two-part mini-series that aired on HBO in 2005. It was based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name which was written by Richard Russo. It was nominated for and won multiple awards, including various Emmys and Golden Globes. It was directed by Fred Schepisi.


Set in the small, decaying, and nearly bankrupt town of Empire Falls, Maine, this is the story of Miles Roby, the unassuming manager of the Empire Grill, who has spent his entire life in the town.


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