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Evita is a american film of genre Drama directed by Alan Parker released in USA on 14 december 1996 with Madonna

Evita (1996)

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Released in USA 14 december 1996
Length 2h14
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Biography,    Musical theatre,    Historical,    Musical,    Romance
Rating62% 3.1495153.1495153.1495153.1495153.149515

Evita is a 1996 American musical drama film based on Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical of the same name about Eva Perón. Directed by Alan Parker and written by Parker and Oliver Stone, the film starred Madonna, Antonio Banderas, and Jonathan Pryce. The film was released on December 25, 1996 by Hollywood Pictures and Cinergi Pictures. The film received a mixed critical reception. However, the movie had a powerful run at the box office, grossing $141,047,179 against a budget of $55 million.


In a cinema in Buenos Aires on July 26, 1952, a film is interrupted when the news breaks of the death of Eva Perón, Argentina's first lady, at the age of 33. The nation goes into public mourning. Ché, a member of the public, marvels at the spectacle and promises to show how Eva did "nothing, for years." The rest of the film follows Eva Duarte (later Eva Duarte de Perón) from her humble beginnings as an illegitimate child of a lower class woman to her rise to become First Lady and Spiritual Leader of the Nation of Argentina, with Ché assuming many different guises throughout Eva's story.


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