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Fighting Mad is a american film of genre Drama directed by Jonathan Demme released in USA on 8 october 1976 with Peter Fonda

Fighting Mad (1976)

Fighting Mad
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Released in USA 8 october 1976
Length 1h30
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Action
Rating58% 2.9062752.9062752.9062752.9062752.906275

Fighting Mad is a 1976 film directed by Jonathan Demme, about an Arkansas farmer played by Peter Fonda who uses Guerrilla tactics against corrupt land developers evicting him and his neighbors in order to stripmine their land.


Peter Fonda

(Tom Hunter)
Harry Northup

(Sherrif Len Skerritt)
Philip Carey

(Pierce Crabtree)
Scott Glenn

(Charlie Hunter)
Noble Willingham

(Senator Hingle)
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