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Final Approach is a american film of genre Thriller directed by Armand Mastroianni released in USA on 24 may 2008 with Dean Cain

Final Approach (2008)

Final Approach
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Released in USA 24 may 2008
Length 2h50
Directed by
Genres Thriller,    Action
Rating48% 2.4199252.4199252.4199252.4199252.419925

Final Approach is an action/thriller TV movie that premiered on Hallmark Channel on May 24, 2008. The ensemble cast is led by Dean Cain as disgraced FBI hostage negotiator Jack Bender.


Jack Bender (Dean Cain) suddenly finds himself in a hostile situation as a group of highly trained and well-armed terrorists, led by Greg Gilliad (Anthony Michael Hall), seize the airplane on which he is traveling, a Lockheed L-1011 of Infinity Air Flight 732 from Newark International Airport to LAX. Bender must re-immerse himself into a world he thought he left behind forever.


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