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Flatfoot in Africa is a italien film of genre Drama directed by Steno released in USA on 23 june 1978 with Bud Spencer

Flatfoot in Africa (1978)

Piedone l'africano

Flatfoot in Africa
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Released in USA 23 june 1978
Length 1h55
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Comedy,    Action,    Crime
Rating61% 3.0989853.0989853.0989853.0989853.098985

Piedone l'africano (internationally released as Flatfoot in Africa, Knock-Out Cop and The K.O. Cop) is a 1978 Italian "poliziottesco"-comedy film directed by Steno. It is the third and penultimate chapter in the "Flatfoot" film series.


A trail of illicit diamonds takes Flatfoot and his acquaintance, Naples police commissioner Caputo, from Johannesburg to Swakopmund in the hopes of breaking up a South African smuggling ring. They are joined by Bodo, an African child, and confounded in their search by corrupt mining officials and an antagonistic inspector in the South-West African police.


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