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Food Chains is a american film of genre Documentary with Eve Ensler

Food Chains (2014)

Food Chains
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Food Chains is a 2014 American documentary film about agricultural labor in the United States. It was the Recipient of the 2015 James Beard Foundation Award for Special/Documentary.


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Minerita is the story of three women—Lucía (40), Ivone (16) and Abigail (17), who work as night watch women in the Cerro Rico mining district in Potosi, Bolivia.
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Strawberry Fields points out that strawberries grown in Gaza are the only agricultural product marketed internationally as being of Palestinian origin. One of the major Gaza strawberry farms in located at Beit Lahiya. More than 1,500 tons of strawberries are exported from Gaza to Europe through the Israeli company Agrexco. In order to get overseas, however, the fruits need to pass through the checkpoint that separates Israel and Gaza. The 2005–2006 growing season coincided with the Israel's disengagement from Gaza and the rise of Hamas as the ruling political entity. The armed conflict between Israel and Hamas resulted in the closing of the border checkpoint. The strawberries grown at Beit Lahiya cannot leave Gaza, resulting in significant losses for the farmers and their Agrexco partners. Unable to transport their produce, the farmers have no choice but to dispose of their crop and prepare for the following year’s growing season.
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Le documentaire donne la libre parole à plusieurs acteurs de la filière, et montre une variété de points de vue qui parfois se répondent les uns les autres à des points différents du globe. Des allers et retours entre l'Europe et l'Amérique sont fréquents tout au long du film, qui se termine par une arche de Noé bâtie en Australie, au large de Perth.