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For Those in Peril is a British film of genre Drama with Kate Dickie

For Those in Peril (2013)

For Those in Peril
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Length 1h24
Genres Drama
Rating63% 3.1983153.1983153.1983153.1983153.198315

For Those in Peril is a 2013 British drama film directed by Paul Wright. It was released in the UK on 4 October 2013 to critical acclaim.


Aaron, a young misfit living in a remote Scottish fishing community, is the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of five men including his older brother. Spurred on by sea-going folklore and local superstition, the village blames Aaron for this tragedy, making him an outcast amongst his own people. Steadfastly refusing to believe that his brother has died, he sets out to recover him and the rest of the men.


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