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Forbidden Fruit is a american film of genre Drama directed by Cecil B. DeMille released in USA on 3 january 1921 with Agnes Ayres

Forbidden Fruit (1921)

Forbidden Fruit
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Released in USA 3 january 1921
Length 1h27
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Romance
Rating64% 3.2346353.2346353.2346353.2346353.234635

Forbidden Fruit is a 1921 American drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. It is a remake of the 1915 film The Golden Chance, which was also directed by DeMille. The film survives in prints at George Eastman House and the Library of Congress.


Based upon a summary in a film publication, Mrs. Mallory (Williams) persuades Mary Maddock (Ayres), her seamstress, to take the place of an absent guest at her dinner party. Gorgeously gowned and very beautiful, Mary wins the heart of Nelson Rogers (Stanley), who asks her to marry him. Mary realizes what she is missing and remains faithful to her abusive and idle husband Steve Maddock (Burton), whom she supports. After a final insult from him, she remains with the Mallory's. During that night she is awakened to find a burglar, her husband, stealing Mrs. Mallory's jewels. Steve escapes but Mary tells the Mallory's that the thief was her husband. She refuses their suggestion of divorce and to Steve, who then attempts to blackmail Nelson for $10,000, which he plans to divide with a crooked partner. In a fight over the money the partner kills Steve, leaving Mary free to marry Nelson.


Agnes Ayres

(Mary Maddock)
Theodore Roberts

(James Harrington Mallory)
Clarence Burton

(Steve Maddock)
Kathlyn Williams

(Mrs. Mallory)
Theodore Kosloff

(Pietro Giuseppe)
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