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Forever is a american film of genre Drama directed by George Fitzmaurice released in USA on 16 october 1921 with Elsie Ferguson

Forever (1921)

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Released in USA 16 october 1921
Directed by
Genres Drama,    Romance

for the 1935 film of this story starring Gary Cooper see Peter Ibbetson

Forever (1921) is a silent film, also known as Peter Ibbetson; written by Ouida Bergère, and directed by George Fitzmaurice. Adapted from 1891's George Du Maurier's novel, Peter Ibbetson, made into a play by John N. Raphael.

Once an extant film, with the sole remaining copy held until the 1970s by Wallace Reid's widow Dorothy Davenport, who donated it for a proposed museum/archive, the film is lost.


Peter Ibbetson (Reid) is an orphan raised by his uncle, Colonel Ibbetson. When the Colonel insults his dead mother, Peter attacks him and is ordered from the house. Then the young man runs into his childhood sweetheart, Mimsi (Ferguson), and their romantic feelings are rekindled.


Elsie Ferguson

Wallace Reid

(Peter Ibbetson)
Montagu Love

(Colonel Ibbetson)
George Fawcett

(Major Duquesnois)
Elliott Dexter

(Monsieur Pasquier)
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