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French Women is a french film of genre Comedy directed by Audrey Dana released in USA on 9 september 2014 with Vanessa Paradis

French Women (2014)

French Women
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Released in USA 9 september 2014
Length 1h56
Directed by
Genres Comedy,    Comedy-drama
Rating53% 2.6815952.6815952.6815952.6815952.681595

French Women (original title: Sous les jupes des filles) is a 2014 French comedy drama film and the directorial debut of Audrey Dana. The film tells the stories of eleven women in Paris and features an ensemble cast including Isabelle Adjani, Alice Belaïdi, Laetitia Casta, Audrey Dana, Julie Ferrier, Audrey Fleurot, Marina Hands, Géraldine Nakache, Vanessa Paradis, Alice Taglioni and Sylvie Testud. The French title directly translated is "Under the Skirts of Girls".


Story of 10 middle-aged women of different backgrounds find their lively distaff side within and outside the bonds of marriage, work and family life. The story is told through a prism of infidelity, insecurity, neurosis, boredom, frustration, menopause ...etc.


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